The Life and Times of Eric Nally (Interview)

10/20/2017 -

For most people, there are only a handful of times within their lives where they serendipitously stumble upon a band or a singer that fills a musical void in their lives.

For myself I can only recall a few: Hearing Morrisey’s ‘Sing your life’ on KCMU (now KEXP) in the summer 1991 after a heartbreaking teen break-up, listening to The Darkness’ ‘Permission to Land’ in 2003 on heavy rotation after what seemed like a never-ending era of terrible rap-rock, and then stumbling upon the charming, yet quirky, vocal musings of, former front-man of Foxy Shazam, Eric Nally.

If you look back at Nally’s oeuvre of music during his time with Foxy Shazam, his vocal talent evolved drastically with the stylings of the band. I discovered Nally (and or Foxy Shazam) around the time of their 3rd ‘self-titled’ album, where Nally’s vocal stylings most closely resembled those of legendary vocal-tiger Freddie Mercury–a comparison that I’m sure Nally has heard a million times.

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